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Putting the finishing touches on the drywall seems simple to some, but it is not.  
The right drywall equipment is what you need for the final product to be as perfect as possible.
Intex Group is more than willing to fill the void.
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Fully Guaranteed Premium Brands

Our inventory features products encompassing different applications, while also featuring selections from numerous renowned brands in the industry.
Brands we carry include Intex Starmix®, Flex Giraffe® and Intex Useit®. We also carry Hyde, Richard, Straitflex and TrimTex. Together with Fibafuse and Full Circle.
As well as Seymour Midwest, ZipWall, and TrimTex. Also, we have PlasterX®, Portamix® and our very own Intex® line.

View more of our select range of brands that gets the job done fast and easy
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  • I MegaGrip DKGrey Web
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  • I PlasterX DKGrey Web
  • I Hi-Stride DKGrey Web
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  • I Handshield WordMark Web

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Featured Products - Work Smarter Not Harder!

Intex Automatic Taper
NZ $3,400.00

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Here at Intex, we firmly believe in one mantra: work smarter, not harder. Our array of drywall tools makes sure that you heed these words in your own workplace. Why go fully manual on certain repetitive tasks, when you can finish the job much faster by using the power tools? Moreover, it also helps to stock up on essential consumables — with the rapidly changing requirements of the workplace, you should have enough on your hands.

Another vital tenet of fulfilling our mantra involves safety. In various high-activity workplaces, it’s always better to be safe than be sorry. We at Intex have safety issues covered with various products, including dust masks for workers, dust barriers, protective garments like kneepads, plastering necessities, and additional lighting to make sure that high-risk areas are always illuminated. Ensuring the project is on schedule is good, but looking after your workers well-being, making sure they are safe and secure should be on the topmost of your priority as well.

Finally, being prepared for equipment breakdowns, prevents the project’s progress from stalling. Intex provides official spare parts from numerous brands. We have selections from Flex, Full Circle and Hi-Stride®. As well as MegaMixer®, PlasterX® and Seymour Midwest. Also with Zipwall, Intex Starmix®, and again, our very own Intex line. Should your equipment break down, we make sure that the delay wouldn’t cost the project too much.
Intex Success Stories
Just want to say that I’ve received my order and wanted to give my thanks for your excellent communication and customer service.
I can’t fault a single step in the process and the personal touches made the experience of buying online very satisfying.
The Fibafuse tape in my opinion is much easier for a complete beginner to attain a tidy joint. The roller speeds up getting compound into the corners and it’s pretty much impossible to drop excess on the floor. I’ve only briefly used the sander but anything that stops dusty mess is a winner.
I’ve even got Georgia’s quote of the day pinned to my desk.
Top work!
Many thanks!
Ben Hainsworth
Fleet Systems Analyst
CablePrice (NZ) Ltd

March 2016

More success stories here
10337420-a-thermometer-topped-with-the-word-satisfaction-measures-the-happiness-a-person-or-customer-has-with asked earlier about “what further can we do to improve, what are we doing wrong?” I don’t think there is anything that can be improved on – you have be one of the best, if not, the best supplier we have ever dealt with.  Your response and delivery times are great. We get some suppliers that their reps quote one price, and the office staff quote a different price and say the reps don’t have the authority to do special deals…we don’t get that with Intex – its great.

Brad Wheeler
AllWall Building Products

Hi Mitchell
Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery on our order.  Must say, it is an absolute pleasure to deal with your company, the service has always been top notch.
Thanks to you and your awesome team! J
Much appreciated,

Toni McDonnell
Office Manager

Out of 1-10, what would you give us based on service?

I would give Intex a 10 out of 10.  
Communication is very efficient and nothing seems to be a problem.
Orders arrive very quickly and are packaged well.

What is your feedback and recommendation on the Hand Shield product?

The product.. Well we have tried many hand shield products. We have some staff that have eczema and react to some products or find them ineffective.
Jungle Brolly has been our hand shield of choice for all departments. It has a nice fragrance, isn’t greasy and best of all works amazingly. We have guys in the machine shop that can work on machines all day where their hands are subject to all sorts of grime, chemicals and fluid yet after washing their hands you would think they worked in an office.. fantastic product we won’t use anything else.

Kind regards
Mel Barton
Purchasing Manager
GEA Farm Technologies NZ
Milfos, FIL, WestfaliaSurge, Houle, Norbco / / /
Hamilton 3242

Hi, my order arrived about 2:00pm today, well packaged and with a Whittakers chocolate bar!
Awesome! , great service and a very useful product, a novice trying to mitre Gib Cove  is not a good look, particularly as the product literature doesn't really tell you how to do it.
The gauge you supplied is brilliant but it could benefit from some instructions on how to use it. 
The gauge does't appear on 'YouTube' that I can find, but I managed to work it out., I'm really pretty impressed, you should get it stocked in more DIY shops.

Thanks, and I will recommend your company to anyone who asks.
Jack Acres

Axis Rectangular Polyurethane Float 140mm
Good afternoon Gerry and the Customer Service Group,
I received the order this morning, sure was fast - great products.
Great customer service.
Thank you.

John Moore
Palmerston North

Hi Gerry,
I received your surprise gift – cookie jar yesterday. It was greatly received
Many thanks from all of us for the great service you give Akron and the team!

Kind Regards

Mike Stuart
Akron Trade Centre

Zipwall Action 2
Morning Eddy
Just thought I would drop you a note to say that the Zip Poles were used on a job this week and absolutely wonderful.  It would have been a heck of a job if we had tried to use what we had up until the poles arrived.
Gwen Jones
Mactrac BoP Ltd

INTEX POSX Cropped(copy)
Good morning Eddy,

Just wanted to say that the Intex stand looks amazing! Very excited about it as it has already generated heaps of interest from our guys.

Thanks again

Stacey Bates
Shop Manager
Resene ColorShop Takanini
Zipwall Action 2
Resene customer said about ZipWall:
“It really works! I get so many compliments when I use it – it really works well.”

J1280 -1 thumb(copy)
Thank you for the great tools they look great and will do the job fine I am sure.
The chocolates in side were a nice touch.
The calender will come in handy and the brochure is great it will enable us to look at the other products you have.
Be assured I will be showing your tools off to the other plasterers that commonly use Hyde, Marshalltown or Kraft here in Nelson and advising them to look at what you have to offer.
Thanks for the follow up, we will be ordering more from you in the future.

Renna Aumata
116 Marsden Valley Road, Stoke
Nelson 7010

JB Dispenser thumb
Being in the metal manufacturing industry we were looking for an hand barrier cream that was easy to use, provide protection to the skin , and the ease to wash off.
Jungle Brolly  hand shield meet the criteria.
Intex Group where very professional with their service, advice and delivery . I can highly recommend them.
Thank you.

Eric Trimbach/ Production supervisor- Bowmac
Mitek New Zealand Ltd

A-060105a thumb
Hi there,

Just writing to say how pleased I was with my order. Very fast, a great quality product and a nice treat!!!!
Very happy customer.

Thanks again

Paul Smith
Christchurch 8053

"in the milk shed"
“I have only just started using this product and I have found it working almost instantly!
I used to have quite bad hands, cracking and splitting, but once I started using this HandShield, they have started to heal up properly. Another thing I find is my skin doesn’t break as easily when I knock my hands. I use it every day now.
Definitely a good product and would recommend to all farmers”

Bradley Archer
Dairy Farmer
New Zealand

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