1. A Brief History Of Automatic Drywall Tools

    Life goes by fast. So to stay ahead, we have to build faster. Over the last century, we have experienced an incredible advancement of a wide range of building tools and technologies - including the upgrade from manual to automatic drywall tools. 

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  2. Are you GMBA Safe?

    In the GBMA booklet, ‘Guide to Safe Site Delivery in the Plasterboard Industry’, it states that plasterboard delivery trucks and their drivers ‘should carry appropriate equipment to ensure that the task of transporting, unloading and delivering plasterboard and other products are carried out in a safe manner’.

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  3. Safely Moving Plasterboard Onsite


    The wall and ceiling industries are concerned about the safe on-site delivery and storage of plasterboard. Experience has shown that improperly handled and stored plasterboard can represent a safety risk.

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  4. 5 Benefits of LED Lighting: How Important is Lighting on a Worksite?

    We all know how hard it can be working in the dark!

    Proper construction lighting is a critical component to worksite safety. It improves night-time visibility, making workers less prone to hazards in the evening, and ensures the safety of workers in high-traffic zones.

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  5. Plasterboard Sanders: 5 MUST'S to get that perfect finish, biggest productivity benefits and maximum return!


    It is important to know that although many Power Sanders can be used for sanding Plasterboard, it is critical to use one designed specifically for that purpose, built to deal with fine Plasterboard dust. Plasterboard sanding generates dust so fine that it can slowly deteriorate the entire operation and functionality of an unsuited or inferior quality Sander

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  6. The Evolution of Working with Drywall


    Introducing the Drywall Power Sander has proven to greatly increase productivity, provide a solution for consistent quality results, and enhance safety for many trades.

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  7. Work-lights: Why should I buy an LED?

    Lighting is a crucial component in the construction industry as it allows work to be completed on sites that do not have lighting already installed. If you are thinking of purchasing a new work light or replacing the current ones you use, we have compiled some reasons why you should choose LED over the traditional standard bulb lights.

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  8. P2 Masks vs N95 Masks: What's the difference?

    Dust masks for dust, yes, but dust masks for desks! Whoever would have thought we'd be wearing face masks in everyday life! Leaving the house in 2020 is like; Phone? Yes. Wallet? Yes. Car keys? Yes. Face mask? Yes!

    However, there is confusion around the differences between the types of dust masks, particularly between the P2 dust masks and the N95 dust masks. Not all dust masks are created equal, and you need to be sure you have the right one for your application. 

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  9. Sorry, I Can't Hear You...

    We've got new Sound Rated Access Panels now! 
    Complementing the existing range of Slimline Access Panels and Frames, Intex has now incorporated a full series of Sound Rated Access Panels. 

    The sound rated design is rapidly becoming a demanded requirement in building projects as the desire for precautionary safety, and sound building practices are becoming paramount.

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  10. Buy a coffee and help save lives

    Now, if you enjoy a good quality coffee as I do, you can understand the difference it made to the weary, hardworking healthcare staff and how they genuinely appreciated this gift. Especially during the long night shifts!

    One person with a simple idea has made a positive difference in thousands of peoples lives. Through buying coffee for these hardworking dads and mums, sons and daughters, who are giving their very best to save lives, she made a real difference!

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